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Jonene Lee

A lifelong Philadelphia native and self taught photographer, Jonene's career began in the hip hop community with her making a name in the Philly dance & DJ scene. Jonene quickly became the go-to photographer for Philly’s nightlife capturing photos at events & concerts. Founder of 2008 Philadelphia DJ Day, Jonene organized one of the city's most monumental DJ events by gathering over 200 DJs for an iconic photograph and was given a proclamation from the City of Philadelphia's by then Mayor Michael Nutter.


Her photo career continued, shooting for musicians such as Nas, Jazzy Jeff , The Roots and more. Her creative talents expanded into product and lifestyle photography, covering New York Fashion Week, landing a licensing deal with Urban Outfitters and photography licensing and placement for the set design on ABC's hit crime drama, Castle. In 2021, as an ongoing project, Jonene opened her home and brought her photography towards community art therapy. Inviting individuals from the Philly art scene: music, dance, theater, hair stylists, body workers, jewelry makers etc into her bedroom for a chance to capture moments, not photos. As an artist herself, she strives to create beautiful emotional moments through the art of storytelling.


Currently Jonene has pivoted into the art world as owner and curator of NoName Gallery in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. For her, art is about community. It’s about her commitment to representing local artists while bringing national and international artists to the area.

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