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Annabel Perrigueur

Annabel Perrigueur

French native, Annabel Perrigueur is a Philadelphia-based painter and mixed media artist oriented towards sustainable renewable resources.  

Inspired by Fashion, Pop culture and travels, Annabel shapes volumes and colours to create modern and sculptural artwork. She is constantly seeking surprising effects and textures by incorporating unexpected materials into her paintings. Following her strong affiliation to craftsmanship, she is playing with crystals, metals and feathers. 


While she brings Joy and Happiness along with her radiant LOVE or Pop art work, she succeeds as well to raise awareness about fragility and ephemeral side of our environment by upcycling wasted recycled materials into Art such as Nespresso caps!

Annabel customizes Unique art pieces for stores and collectors worldwide. She collaborated with multiple Institutions, corporations such as Forbes Travel Guide, Doctors of the World USA, the National Liberty Museum and the Neon Museum in Philadelphia. She also, has been regularly holding exhibitions in different Art galleries in the greater Philadelphia area and New York City.

In 2022, her paintings have been selected for being part of the Penn Medicine and The Black Doctors Covid-19 Consortium’s permanent collection. 

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