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Lauren Silver

Lauren Silver

Lauren is a queer, feminist artist, educator, writer, scholar, parent, and survivor. She teaches childhood & youth studies at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ and works with young people and students to reclaim space and make things. In a world where Black, brown, queer, trans, disabled, and abused children are silenced, criminalized, and pushed to the margins—"We resist.” 

Lauren lives with her wife and six-year-old daughter in East Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.


Lauren’s art flows or erupts from an intuitive and liberating engagement with material, emotional, spiritual, and political worlds. She collages and bricolages the fragments, scraps, and remnants from her beautiful, messy, and complicated life.  With found tapestries, wood, nature, artifacts, and canvases, she reclaims the broken and thrown away pieces, including those within herself. Her artistic expression moves from entrapment to freedom, again and again.

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