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Patrick _Pecue_ Quinn Headshot_edited.jpg

Pecu Designs

Patrick "Pecue" Quinn is an artist and designer from West Philadelphia living at the South Jersey Shore, creating colorful illustrative pieces that pay homage to both hip hop and surf cultures. His distinctive style bursts with swirling lines, animated faces, and vibrant lettering that tell a vivid but abstract story of the past while looking forward. 


Growing up in the Overbrook section of West Philly, Pecue was highly influenced by graffiti, skate, and sports cultures, spending a massive amount of time taking the El to explore the city. These adventures on the Market-Frankford Line allowed him to act as a sponge, absorbing a wide array of influences, whether they be colorful pieces on rooftops or the faded signs of local businesses. All of these past scenes act as both setting and character in his current visual storytelling. Informed by his years of making beats on the MPC 2000XL, Pecue puts together his compositions with the same mindset as DJ Premier or Q-Tip making a beat. As the artist explains, "There's not specific rhyme or reason to how I add different elements. These unrelated ideas somehow make sense to me when juxtaposed together, so it's about making this weird psychedelic collage but filtering it though my illustrated style."


Pecue graduated from LaSalle University with a BA in Communications and a focus on Mass Media, later earning himself a BA in Graphic Design from Full Sail University. He specializes in branding and Illustration through his company, Sole Imperial, helping hip hop artists tell their stories through the art direction of their album artwork, packaging, and roll outs. He's laced veteran artists like T3 of Slum Village, Daru Jones, and Buckwild, while establishing himself as a fixture in the current underground renaissance through his work with Rome Streetz, Skrewtape, and Rasheed Chappell.

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