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Linette Messina Martinez

Linette Messina Martinez

Being a photographer who identifies as a queer woman of color (Latina), she hopes to
help change the narrative and point of view within media, publications, and news. Linette enjoys
sharing her gift of storytelling and capturing honest portraits of her subjects. Linette’s work takes
a deep dive into the strong racial sensitivity from her daily life which has led to her creation of
public street art with an emphasis on activism through her passion for fiber arts and crochet.
The ability to combine journalism, studio portraiture and fiber arts is not what she
envisioned her creative path to be 20 years ago, however, she loves it and is proud of this work.
Linette plans to continue providing mentorship opportunities to other women in the photography
industry. When she is not busy with photography and crocheting, Linette finds joy in raising her
two sons (Carver and Ronin).
Linette is always learning and never fully satisfied with the work. Lately, her work has
shifted to working with the BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities as she finds inspiration through
stories. Being a vessel for them to share their stories has been an honor. Empowering them
from behind her lens or creating a piece for the public is the greatest gift she can give with her
art and purpose.

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