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RAME is a legendary Philadelphia graffiti artist based out of North Philly. RAME has been writing graffiti for the last twenty-seven years and is apart of one of the most infamous crews, KMD. He is mostly known for his traditional Philly wicked hand styles and tall hands. He is also known for his stamp throw-ups, pieces and bombing techniques. Recently he has been evolving into painting murals and selling his art in galleries such; as Theory Gallery, No Name Gallery, and has also done art shows at Underground Arts, Cannai Club and The Venue. His involvement in Hip-Hop music has allowed him to work with some of the best up and coming Philly rappers and DJ’s such as; K-Twist, Armani White and his close friend DJ Sat One. He is currently working on a magazine based on all of his traditional Philly hand-styles, which will be out mid Summer called Graff World Magazine Issue 18. He is also the founder of a podcast called Graff Life Radio 215 where he sat down and interviewed the best in the culture such as; Cornbread, Dr. Cool, Lewis, Kair, Ozo, Bate and JK just to name a few. RAME has also painted with some of the best writers in Philadelphia graffiti culture and is now building his own legacy. Make sure you check out his latest content on Instagram @ramborame_215 and support his latest merch drop! In Rame’s words, “Always do it for the culture!”

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