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Dasha D&D

Dasha D&D

My name is Dasha, I am from Belarus, now I live in Philadelphia. I am an engineer by education, but
by vocation I am an artist, more precisely a draftsman. I have always been interested in art, but
three years ago I decided to create something myself.
My works are a drawing that can be rotated, colored and with each rotation and a new color a new
picture is obtained, which then add up to one story. I have always loved puzzles and paintings that
have something hidden in them, so I decided to challenge myself and the art world and come up
with something a little more complicated than just a painting or a series of paintings, I want to give
the viewer a riddle and time for imagination. Each series of my works is born from just one
This is the answer to the question of my uniqueness or what I do. One drawing + a little
imagination = a series with its own history. If you've seen this before, let me know.

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