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Race Kuhn

Race Kuhn is a multi-medium abstract collage artist. Her art has been called a Pulp Art meditation on acceptance, transformation and reconciliation and has been compared to Dali and recently Richard Watson. She invites you to stare at her paintings, ask questions, look deeper, to feel and she does this with the intention of love. In 2018, she was awakened by an emotional dissonance and turned to collage and paint to consider a more peaceful self. Being self taught , trial and error is her teacher so Race made her own manifested mission to use recycled or donated magazines, vintage pornography, pop culture media, Audubon birds, flowers all blended with acrylic paint, multiple layers of gel mediums, gloss or matte varnish to create her paintings. She thrives on the textures and depth paper and paint create. She scissor cuts her forms depicting a seamless finish to express her message beautifully. Her votive imagery has non conventional religious iconography blended with nudity, mother Mary and symbolic historical messages. She states her creations are the exploration of her soul and a platform to demonstrate the thoughts she is unable to say aloud. Race supports a strong feminist stand in her art often using political chaos as a motivator. She strives for the viewer to experience the juxtaposition of tender awareness, not jarring, between human rights, sexuality and the constant pounding voice of social media. She stresses the awareness for women's rights and the repetitive nature of history to the pendulum of time. Race found the courage to create something alluring you will want to study longer.


Race Kuhn was born in Philadelphia, lived and worked in the city and moved to the suburbs in 1995 where she presently has an art studio. She has a remarkable past formed from the death of her father at age eleven, relocation and primary school transfers. She is a published poet and author, survived a Saint Elmo’s (or fondly referred as a Witches Fire) house fire, divorced, practices unconventional spiritual faith and had a rebirth of her own sexuality. She successfully raised her three children who support her life decisions wholeheartedly and who now has gracefully metamorphosed to the art world. She started her art journey by submitting one painting at a time to local open calls and graduating to being a featured artist. Her first acceptance at Gallery on the Avenue earned her first prize in abstract art in 2019 only one year into the discovery of her talent. She has since shown at Mt. Airy Art Garage, Bristol Art Gallery, Imperfect Art Gallery, and NoName Gallery. Race has sold her art at all the above galleries as well as on line and by word of mouth. She hung her art at Race Street Cafe and was the featured artist at Subculture Hair Salon in Philadelphia.

Art is the lie that tells the truth, Picasso.

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