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Cathie Berrey

Cathie Berrey

Cathie is the Owner, Creative Director and Lead Photographer for of BeauMonde Originals, a LGBTQ Woman-Owned business specializing in Photos, Video and Web Design based in Philly.


Cathie came from a darkroom developing images from film before she moved into the digital world. She’s is a funky, creative, energetic photographer who can be seen all around Philly photographing dope events, weddings, and whatever catches her eye. Her enthusiasm is matched by her technique and artistic eye for composition.  Don’t be surprised if you see laying on the ground or stopping traffic to get that perfect shot. Many know her by her bright pink/purple hair!


 Cathie  has a passion for rescuing animals, traveling the world, and building community. She has been a Social Justice and Environmental Activist for over 35 years. And has a long history doing direct action and has spent many a night in jail for doing non-violent civil disobedience. She photographs many protests but considers herself a protester first and a photographer 2nd”


For over 18-years she has been a successful wedding and commercial photographer and her work has been featured many times and has won several awards.

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