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Hello and welcome!

The first thing I want to write is "I'm not a writer ..." but then my inner positive self says not to. It says to just embrace the words that come out, however they fall onto the screen and to not over think it. So ... here we are ... and just to ready you for the exciting things to come ... I probably won't follow grammatical rules. They'll be a lack of commas around here with run on sentences and tons of ellipses that may or may not make sense. It's who I am.

Things I'm going to try to cover on this blog:

  • Fun things happening in Philly

  • Marketing tips & tricks

  • Guest blog contributors

  • Everything Chestnut Hill, PA

  • Artist interviews

Did you see the key word being "try"? My intentions to follow some sort of schedule and topic are there, but will it always end up that way ... probably not. I'm a little indecisive and tend to go-with-the-flow more often than not.

In any case, I'm going to try to give you the fun exciting vibes you get inside the gallery via these blog posts! And since you're still here ... what would YOU like to see on the blog? Leave a comment and give me some suggestions please and thank youuuuuuu!

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