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Allison Licitra

Allison Licitra

Allison Licitra considers herself a mixed media artist, creating
complex and detailed artworks using mediums such as acrylic paints
and collage. Inspired by beauty in nature, the people around her and all
the colors in the rainbow, Allison's composition tends to vary.
Overlapping textures, bold, bright brushstrokes, intricate line work
and organic shapes are consistent themes one will notice in Allison’s
pieces, which make them uncommon additons to anyone's art collection.
The layers of time and materials set forth in each individual artwork
create a sort of “Art Trifle” for the viewer’s eyes to feast upon.
Allison hopes to reach her audience by allowing them an escape
from a reality, into her artwork, full of whimsical content, striking color
combinations and sometimes, a little humor.

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