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So you're finally making the trip out to The Hill to check out the gallery, but where can you park?! Well let's start with FREE parking first, shall we? Here are a few neighboring streets where you can park anytime for free:

Devon Street

Ardleigh Street

Winston Road

Abington Ave

Shawnee Street

Paid Lot Parking - I will tell you that the closest lot to us is about 2 blocks up the hill. If you're coming for the gallery I'd recommend just paying to park out front on Germantown ave. If you're spending the day or coming by for Arts & Eats or one of our festivals, a lot is perfect. So anyway ... do you need the peace of mind to know you're going to be able to just pull up and park? I feel you. It's a sweet luxury that there are 6 lots throughout Chestnut Hill for you to park! Below are a map and parking prices for you!

Paid Street Parking - The PPA exists out here too so if you're heading out this way Monday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm remember to feed the kiosk! Some streets have them and some don't. Here is a link to the app for you :) After 6pm and on Sunday's its FREE!

Free 2 Hour Parking - Again with the pesky PPA (eye roll) but if you don't want to pay and are only going to be here for a short bit, you can find free 2 hour parking through out Chestnut Hill PA.

To summarize ...

  • you always have to pay on Germantown ave (kiosk app)

  • some side streets you have to pay for as well (kiosk app)

  • some side streets are free for 2 hours

  • some side streets are completely free

I hope this helps! You can always shoot me an email at with any questions as well!



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